Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Marshmallow Android 6.0 with new Features

Google Finally announced that the next generation Android M is “Marshmallow”. This news was announced by Dave Burke. The Google will soon allow developers to upload apps base on Android 6.0 to be uploaded on the PlayStore. 

Android 6.0 is mainly aimed at stability and performance improvements, and will bring new features such as – Fingerprint Scanner, Android Pay , MultiWindow , Tap on Now, New app Permissions Model, Support for the USB Type-C, Doze for Battery . 

Here i describe few features that has been introduced in Marshmallow : 

1) Support Fingerprint: API for Fingerprint support will be provided and if developer want they can incorporate the API into their app. 

2) App Permission: How many time you want to restrict the permission that are given to apps. Now in Android M the new API allows users to decide what permission they want to give to any particular app. 

3) Google Now: Now searching easy is Easy on Android M. It is a voice assisted search that allows you to search anything without leaving the app currently running. I think that one is best facility. 

Main Feature 
4) Doze for Battery : This battery saving feature of Marshmallow that will allow the phone battery to last as much as two and half time longer than Lollipop. It will detect if the phone is not touched or moved for a long period of time it will go to sleep, hence saving precious battery.

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